The beginnings of the brewery are probably connected with the time when the local ponds were built on “”Podhájí””, of which the earliest written mention dates back to 1493. Ten years later, the brewery in Mladotice (today’s part of Slavičín) was opened.

The brewery is always mentioned in historical sources as part of the Slavičín estate. The first surviving written mention of the brewery comes from a purchase contract from 1590, when the Slavičín stronghold (the same place where the castle is built recently) was bought by the noblewoman Kateřina of Vincent.

For the next few centuries the brewery produced beer mostly from local raw materials (malt and hops), which were grown in the neighborhood. Beer production in the Slavičín brewery was discontinued at the beginning of the twentieth century, when it was sold to a competing manufacturer who closed it after a while.

Present times

The microbrewery Hrádek continued the long history of brewing in Slavičín. In 2012, production facilities and technology were purchased. At the beginning of the following year, construction work started and in mid-2013 beer production and sale began. Hrádek Slavičín Brewery has won several awards in prestigious degustation competitions.

Beer production

The brewery Hrádek produces beers using traditional Czech technology. Only the highest quality raw materials – Moravian malt and Saaz hops – are used for beer production. The beer is brewed in a two-vessel brewing machine. After a bottom fermentation in open barrels and fermentation tanks, the young beer matures in a lager cellar. Finally, some are double-filtered to achieve a perfectly pure and transparent beer. All beers are unpasteurized.


In honor of Vojtěch Hugo Renner, who made a significant contribution to the history of Slavičín, a light lager HUGON was brewed in the microbrewery in Slavičín.

Knight Vojtěch Hugo Renner has been one of the castle’s owner since 1910. He was a retired officer and passionate motorist who, in a short time of his work in Slavičín, contributed to many changes and constructions. He built a house at the castle park (today’s museum), a new hunter’s lodge, rebuilt the house for the keeper of the estate and built new farm buildings (pig farm and sheepfold). He also became a person of modern progress by building a steam mill and sawmill. The peak of technical development in Slavičín happened by constructing a small power station with a gasoline generator for the production of electricity. The castle thus became the first lightened building in Slavičín. Vojtěch Hugo Renner’s existence is reminded by letters “AR” on a knight’s coat of arms placed on the entrance metal gate of the castle.

The HUGON 12° beer is a classic Czech lager with a full distinctive taste, medium to high flavor, typically hop bitterness, which is also reflected in the aroma.

  • EPM (original extract) 12%
  • Alcohol content 4.9%
  • IBU (International Bitterness Units) 28-30