Relaxation, comfort, amazing undisturbed moments. Pamper your body and soul during your stay in the castle environment. Beer Spa & Wellness is available seven days a week. A relaxing wellness stay that is suitable for everyone! Try it as well and let someone else take care of you. Also suitable as a gift for your loved ones for any occasion.


Get rid of the stress from everyday life and relax in our wellness center. Choose from a wide range of relaxing massages, wraps, baths or luxury body therapies. The hotel’s wellness center offers a range of relaxation services that can be used not only by guests staying overnight but also by walk-in guests.

Let us pamper you… Choose from our range of Wellness treatments.


Wellness center services:

  • Wide range of massages, wraps, baths
  • Infrared sauna, steam sauna, Finnish sauna, herbal sauna
  • Whirlpool


We offer popular physiotherapy massages with cups, lava stones, reflex therapy, honey, chocolate, Indian.

Classical partial massage
30 min. 525 Kč
Classical overall massage
60 min. 1 050 Kč
Relaxing aroma massage
30 min. 675 Kč
60 min. 1200 Kč
Massage with lava stones
30 min. 720 Kč
60 min. 1290 Kč
Honey detoxifying massage
30 min. 525 Kč
Chocolate massage
30 min. 450 Kč
Foot massage with reflective elements
30 min. 590 Kč
Anti-stress head massage
30 min. 590 Kč
Cupping massage
30 min. 600 Kč
60 min. 1150 Kč



Whirlpool with relaxing effect. It is suitable for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, feelings of irritation and fatigue and good for relaxation. Professional whirlpool with overflow trough and water temperature of 34-36 ° C. It has a seating for 4 adults and two of those are equipped with hydromassage jets. Whirlpool is equipped with lighting for evening procedures.

60 min./osoba 300 Kč
Private whirlpool
60 min. /max. 6 osob 1 400 Kč
Whirlpool with package (sparkling wine 0,37 l + fruit)
50 min./ 2 osoby 990 Kč
Finnish sauna + Whirlpool
2 hod. / osoba 900 Kč

Children under 5 years free of charge
Children under 12 years 50% off.




Peat wrap is very popular and proven procedure with natural peat, which brings relief from chronic joints and spine pain. This hyperthermic procedure places increased demands on the cardiovascular system. It is mainly used in chronic degenerative diseases of muskuloskeletal system. The peat is prepared in a mixer from a dry peat mixture by adding hot spring water and is heated to a temperature of 44-46 ° C. The heated peat mixed with hot spring water is applied directly to the body parts.

It has beneficial effects on:

  • Treatment of chronic degenerative disorders of the spine and joints
  • Reduction of muscle tension, overall relaxation
  • Peat wrap is not suitable for those who are seriously and acutely ill and for pregnant women.

A small peat wrap is a treatment procedure marketed with informed consent.
A large peat wrap is a medical procedure applicable only on the recommendation of a doctor.


Peat wrap

Price:                    25 min. / 400 CZK



Paraffin is a soft colorless solid, derived from petroleum. Its advantage and a reason at the same time why it is used during wraps is the ability to retain heat for a long time, which in contact with the skin can penetrate the skin and warm the treated areas.

The paraffin normally has the form of a solid wax, which must first be heated to liquid before applied on the skin. The temperature of the liquid is then around 55 °C. Afterwards paraffin is applied on the body, where it lasts for 20-30 minutes. During this procedure the tissues gradually warm up and blood circulation is better . It also speeds up the metabolism of cells, which leads to regeneration at that area and also relieves muscle and joint tension.

Indications are therefore diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as chronic rheumatoid arthritis, joint degenerative diseases, Bechterew’s disease, tennis elbow, various neurological diseases, peripheral vascular disease and painful conditions where it brings significant pain relief.

Of course, paraffin wraps also have contraindications, such as open wounds, fever, pregnancy, acute skin disease or hypersensitivity to heat.

Paraffin wrap

Price:                    25 min. / 350 CZK


Private room for 2 persons includes:

  • Welcome drink – coffee, tea, dessert (30min. in advance)
  • Infrasauna
  • Beer bath in one bath tub
  • Self service beer tap
  • Lunch/ dinner

Total 4500 CZK /   4 hours


Wellness center opening hours:

Daily 10 AM – 10 PM