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Castle park

Castle park in Slavičín can be a great place for a lovely walk, for exaple with your children. There is a large natural amphitheater, volleyball courts, a skittle alley, a wooden gazebo with a dancing floor and a children’s play area. In autumn you can even collect a few chestnuts in the chestnut alley! Castle park is also the venue for various cultural and sports events. The municipal swimming pool is located in a wooded area near the castle park, sports stadium and ponds, access from the park or from Školní street. You can visit the swimming pool usually from June to September.
Pond Slavík – sport fishing

372 m (walk 7 min.)

Slavičín museum

On August 29, 1944, an air battle took place near Slavičín, commemorated in the local museum. US aircraft were supposed to destroy the oil refinery in Přívoz and station in Ostrava, but the Germans managed to shoot down all the aircraft. The grave of twenty-eight American pilots in the Slavičín cemetery thus became the largest mass burial ground of American pilots in the Czech Republic. In September 1946, the bodies of airmen were transferred to the central American military cemetery Lorraine in France and other cemeteries in the US.

The town of Slavičín is rich in its cultural and historical monuments. The museum has a permanent exhibition of the air battle, which took place on 29 August 1944 in the airspace of Slavičín and its surroundings. Another important exhibition of the museum are archaeological findings from Slavičín and its surroundings.

449 meters (walk 10 min.)

Church of St. Vojtěch

The Church of St. Vojtěch and St. Cecilia is a church in Slavičín, Zlin Region. Next to the church there is a cemetery, where are also placed twenty-eight graves of American pilots who died in the battle for White Carpathians and were buried here on August 31, 1944. The church is a Roman Catholic parish church. Below the church there is also the charity of St. Vojtěch. – the oldest building in Slavičín, dated somewhere from 11th and 12th centuries

1 km (walking 20 min.)

Pivečka’s forest park

Pivečka’s forest park was founded in 1936 by the Pivečka’s family as a relaxation zone for the inhabitants of Slavičín and especially for the employees of their shoe making company. You can find its originality especially in wooden sculptures made by young sculptors and students of the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design.
Dozens of visitors are welcomed by Pivečka’s forest park every day. During the walk through this magical place you can see many extraordinary artistic sculptures like an hourglass and a group of seven oak wood wolves (by Stanislava Konvalinková), a giant snail, warm or seal are made like a places to sit or play (by Veronika Zapletalová), a fairy-tale bridge over a lake and a wooden carousel (author Marek Borsányi), water goblin and frog (authors Jaroslav Jeřábek Jr. and Oldřich Karban), condor and group of trees (Klaus Dobrunz), stone centaur and playground (sculptor Marius Kotrba) and group of some mysterious mushrooms (created by Oldřich Karban).

Furthermore, you will find a forest labyrinth (author Lenka Klodová), benches (Marek Rejent, Lenka Klodová) and climbing sculpture and two monumental wooden boards, which attract visitors to enter and enjoy Pivečka’s forest park (Bára Losíková)
(A unique place to relax with wooden sculptures, a pond and lots of benches)

– Castle Park = Summer swimming pool, volleyball courts, skittle alley, summer cinema, playground, ponds