You can enjoy different types of saunas at the Wichterle Castle. We have something for everyone!



No steam, no high temperatures, no hard core for the body. Only maximum relaxation. Infrared rays penetrate directly into the tissues and soothe your body.

Infrared sauna is a new system in thermotherapy which warms the body by infrared radiation to a depth of 4 cm. In this type of sauna there is warm and dry air at a temperature of approx. 45 ° C. Recommended length of stay is 20 – 30 minutes for an adult, but of course it is always about client’s subjective feeling. It is used for total relaxation, to rest, to relax after muscle exertion, in muscular rheumatism, joint and spine pain, or to preheat and relax muscles before a classical massage. It is recommended to drink a glass of pure mineral water half an hour before and after this procedure.

Recommendation: The infrared sauna burns calories and reduces overweight, supports blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system, relieves pain, relieves muscle and joint stiffness, removes toxins, recovers skin, improves immune system, reduces stress and fatigue.

The procedure is not suitable for acute illness, people with heart disease, cancer or epilepsy and
bleeding symptoms.

Price list

30 min. / person                                   150 CZK

Children under 5 years are free of charge. Children under 12 years 50% off.


Classic sauna in which the temperature reaches up to 90 °C. The most popular and most visited type of sauna.

In this type of sauna there is a dry, hot air with temperature around 85 °C- 95 °C. Recommended lenght of stay in this sauna is 10 – 15 minutes. When you feel hot, leave the hot room and cool down with a cold shower.
After a short rest of 5 -10 minutes you can repeat the whole procedure – ideally 3x (max. 5x). Always end the whole procedure with a cold shower and wipe the skin thoroughly afterwards. Than we recommend to relax 20-30 minutes lying down on a deck chair in our resting area.

Regular sauna contributes to increase immunity, overall regeneration and relaxation.
It is suitable as a prevention of colds, respiratory diseases, mild rheumatic diseases, functional disorders of blood circulation, migraines, climacteric issues.

It is not suitable for all acute illnesses and injuries, epilepsy, heart and blood vessel diseases, cancer and bleeding conditions.
Proper drinking regime is important!

General rules of using a public sauna

VIn the sauna area – including the cooling area and the resting area – do not smoke, eat and drink – only soft drinks from plastic bottles available at the reception of the wellness area!
Leave everything in the dressing room – take only your bath cosmetics (but not in the glass), ideally two larger towels or bath towels.
Before you first enter a sauna, wash with soap and shower well. Wash your hair before the last entry to the sauna.
Dry your skin every time you want to enter sauna. Do not enter the sauna in shoes!
To the sweat room take only a towel to sit or lie down on. Breathe only through your mounth in the sauna! If breathing through the nose hot air might dry the mucous membrane and cause headaches.
While sweating, massage the body surface for example with your own brush. After a perfect warming – 10 to 15 minutes – leave the sauna, wash under the shower and cool down in a cooling area where a “RAIN” shower and a shower with cold water are available. Cool down your entire body and your head, if possible, or at least your back. When you feel cold, return from the cooling room to the sauna. It is advisable to wear sandals not to feel cold form the floor. Repeat the heat-cold procedure according to the feeling – preferably 3 times – maximum of 5 times.
After the last cooling part of your procedure, wash your body only with lukewarm water and do not use soap anymore.
Stay in the resting area (on deck chairs) for at least half an hour, preferably wrapped in a towel without clothes. After the sauna, enjoy a light meal in our restaurant, juice, liquid or even something salty – absolutely inappropriate is drinking hard alcohol. By doing so, you will interfere the effect of healing procedures.

Price list

30min / person             100 CZK
60min/ person              200 CZK

Private 60 min / max 6 persons 1000 CZK
(please let us know at least 1 hour in advance)

Children under 5 years free of charge. Children under 12 years 50% off.



If you are not comfortable with the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna, come and relax in steam. The temperature always stops between 40°C and 50 °C. On the other hand, the humidity meter often rises up to 100%.

How to use the steam bath properly:
1. Clean your body with water and soap and use the toilet before entering the sweat room.

2. Stay in the sauna until you feel properly warmed up (it is not healthy to stay in the sauna until you feel dizzy!). The length of stay in the steam sauna is always individual – usually 10 – 20 min. You can expect warm and humid air and heated benches.

3. After leaving the steam room, it is recommended to take a shower – it is not necessary to cool down vigorously – use lukewarm water. The intensity of cooling is always individual according to your feelings and experience. The warming-up and cooling-down phases are usually repeated 2-3 times to achieve a pleasant feeling. Warming time and intensity is up to you.

4. After the sauna, or after a massage, we recommend a 20-30 minute rest on the deck chairs.

5. By following all of our advice and guidelines, you will create yourself the most suitable environment for a healthy sauna procedures.

After finishing the procedures according to points 1 – 5, it is useful to have a small snack, which should supplement mainly water and mineral salts you sweated out. The best would be to drink unsweetened mineral water, fruit juices or other soft drinks available at the reception of the wellness center.

Steam heating has a significant preventive effect as a spa procedure. Regular steam visits increase immunity and resistance to common upper respiratory tract infections, stimulate and improve the nervous and hormonal functions of the body, and helps the body to get rid of toxins from our metabolism.
From the therapeutic point of view, this sauna is recommended especially in case of chronic rhinitis and inflammation of the nasopharynx and vocal cords, as well as in rheumatic diseases and various movement problems. It is suitable for the treatment of insomnia, insufficient blood circulation in the limbs and also can help women with difficulties during menopause. However, before using the sauna as a medical procedure, it is always necessary to consult with physician.

Those with acute illness, especially in respiratory tract inflammation, fever, cough, cold, diarrhea, headache, particular skin rashes, open festering or bleeding wounds, do not have access to the steam room. Also people suffering from communicable diseases and bacillus carriers are not allow to enter.
Steam is not recommended for people with ischemic heart disease, with conditions just after infarct and vascular disease.

Price list

30 min. / person                                               100 CZK
60 min. / person                                              200 CZK
Private 60 min/max fot 6 persons           1000 CZK

(please let us know at least 1 hour in advance)

Children under 5 years are free of charge. Children under 12 years 50% off.



By the combination of traditional Finnish sauna and aromatherapy was created a new modern aroma sauna. It is basically a traditional one, but the difference between the aroma sauna and the Finnish sauna is a pump that delivers aromatic essences to the hot lava stones as needed. The vapors then penetrate the entire sauna and have a positive effect on the respiratory system and mental health. The aroma intensity and time intervals can be easily controlled. The healing effects of the aroma sauna are very similar to the traditional Finnish sauna. Thanks to the use of aromatic essences it is also possible to enhance the relaxing effect of the sauna. It is also possible to focus on the treatment of some respiratory diseases. The temperature in the sauna aroma is around 80 °C. The humidity is around 25%.

Herbal sauna mixtures

Enjoy the wonderful scent of lavender, thyme, sage or chamomile. These aromatic fragrances are a necessary condition for relaxation and evoke a wonderful atmosphere throughout your stay in the sauna. The ideal supplement for the use of herbal mixtures is our stainless steel bowl, which can be hung comfortably above the sauna stove.

Price list

30 min. / person                                   250 CZK

The herbal sauna is a balm for the soul and nerves, when you leave the herbal sauna you will feel light, with relaxed respiratory tract and your skin will be tight and firm. The organic herbs we use come from the family company Fryzelka from Vlachovice, the White Carpathians, which is known for its rich flowery meadows. The Fryzelka’s company grow, produce and then sell the herbs themselves.